Just say it. You can and you will!

Well hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

It has been a while hasn’t it?! Sorry about that, life took over like it does with most of us. Also, if you haven’t done so already; then go have a look at Ilinca’s new post from this Tuesday and my recent post on facemasks and tell us your thoughts.

Right so coming back to the blog… I wanted to come back to this topic of finding your perfect shade and possibly having a little rant. Well that’s what it is supposedly called. It’s a bit different from my usual posts, but I felt it was a perfect time for me (personally) to express certain things that were on my mind.

I’m sure at some point in your lives you have come across individuals who have questioned you in a shocked manner (as if you have made a grave mistake and the world is going to end). Now just keep that in your mind.

Well, I had recently gone to a department store to pick up a different concealer shade and a lovely make up consultant came to assist. After a while we started to talk about skincare and what I use. I of course told her my regime (knowing what I would hear rolls eyes). Her response… “Oh no darling, you should be using these products. All my ladies use these products and their skin looks amazing, plump and youthful”.

She did her best to sell other products to me (of course every salespersons goal to persuade and sell, sell, sell). Apparently every boyfriend should be going out to buy their ladies some skin care products.

It made me think at that moment. Why? Why do I need to change what I use? Why do I need to buy branded and expensive products to make my skin look good? Why do certain individuals think that they know everything about my skin?!

Ok. Stop. I know what you’re thinking she’s going on about make up again. No, let me stop you right there. Another related incident happened. Recently, I had been trying to find another job opportunity, a culture and environment that I felt suited me. And an opportunity that meant I didn’t need to give excessive hours in my commute. And again like the beauty consultants, I had recruitment consultants telling me the same thing. “No you can’t do that”, “Your salary expectations are too high”, “your profile does not come across as reliable” and the cherry on top, “you’re being too picky”.

I guess some of you will be thinking but that’s their job. Yes. Yes, it is every persons job to tell us the honest truth in any profession and in daily life. But they don’t have the right to demoralise or belittle anyone’s’ aspirations. They don’t have the right to say no you can’t!

The point I’m trying to make is, don’t let anyone say to you that you CAN’T or it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Whether you’re a female that wants to become an engineer or wants to take up boxing, or you’re a male that wants to become a makeup consultant or a midwife.

Don’t let anyone say you can’t do it. Don’t feed their little pleasure pot and most certainly don’t feed that little fear inside, which we ALL have. (Never conceal fears, face them!).

You will never know that you can’t do something, unless you try and put 100% into it. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU WILL DO IT. And you will prove all those individuals wrong who have tried to be that hurdle to stop you. Trust me when I say, I did get annoyed when I got told repeatedly that I was being ‘too picky’ or ‘too emotive’.

I had to take a step back and think WAIT! Who the f@!x (excuse my French) do these individuals think they are, telling me how I should or am behaving or how wrong my decisions are. If I am passionate about something I love, then I will express it in a passionate manner. And if it’s a wrong choice, then I will face the consequences of it and I will embrace it with arms wide open. So dontcha worry :).

Don’t get me wrong you will have well-wishers, like your family and friends or those individuals who will support you. I did. And still do.

So let’s sse the Throwback Thursday as a motivation and throw it back into those faces that told you, that you couldn’t. Not literally 8-), but use those negative comments to help you thrive towards your goals.

Be your own role model, be your own inspiration and prove it to yourself. Nothing comes easy, we all have hurdles however big or small they are. But as long as you use that energy and focus on yourself, then you can conquer anything. Build your dreams and follow them. AND BE POSITIVE.

See you lovelies next week. And let’s do this.


Pri XO

Quote of the week: “Don’t just accept whatever comes your way in life. You were born to win; you were born for greatness; you were created to be a champion in life” – Joel Osteen

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