Anything skin, I want to cater to you..

“..Let me cater to you”. Don’t you love a bit of a slow jam on a Wednesday evening? But you all will be reading this on Thursday. 

Gentlemen and Ladies, let’s talk about skincare regime. Now process that in your heads. Skin. Care. Regime. Doesn’t it sound militant, like some strict process you need to follow? I’ll break this down for y’all and tell you what it “supposedly” means according to the world of Internet and some good old sources.

According to the Oxford dictionary SKINCARE is the “things that you do and use to keep your skin healthy and attractive”, and according to Google sources it is “the use of cosmetics to care for the skin”. Take the hint here guys, look what you’re made to think skincare is made up of… cosmetics 8-).

And surprise, surprise, REGIME means “a system or ordered way of doing things”. You got it; regime has the same definition everywhere.

By now you must have come across plenty of skincare products that come as a pack, or seen YouTubers’ and bloggers talk about skincare regimes. But what is a skincare regime?! Why is it necessary to have an orderly manner to take care of your skin? Well my lovelies, just how we all have a somewhat order of how we eat throughout the day, your skin is an organ and needs the right “foods” throughout the day too. This is where your skincare regime will come in play.

Wait! Hold your tongues or thoughts rather. I am not saying you need a million products to be part of your skincare regime. I’ve spoken about how I have oily to combination skin and suffer from mild acne, and to my surprise my GP told me that I need a “proper skincare regime”.

Proper?! A proper regime you say. My GP’s answer for me was to use Dermologica or ProActive. Being an inquisitive individual and open to question, I had many thoughts that were running through my head. Firstly I have really sensitive skin, so how will my skin react to new products? And secondly those so-called proper skincare products are not the sort of things I’d happily destroy my bank balance for.

But back to the point, I don’t personally believe that I need to buy highly branded skincare products to be part of your regime, and nor do I believe that you need to spend a lot of money for them. I have always said that you need listen to your skin, and for sure, if you want to try products and if you feel its working then yes. Buy the full skincare kit.

For example I recently bought the Liz Earle skincare kit, but that was only after I tried one of their instant skin boost tonic. I noticed what it did to my skin and I didn’t react to the product, as it was gentle. On the other hand, I bought the Elizabeth Arden purifying toner to test and honestly I’m not entirely sure on what it is doing for my skin, instead I feel like my skin is breaking out even more. Not ideal! Not to say that it won’t suit you. Remember every skin is different.

So whether it is your face or your body, or your nutritional diet, you need to take care of it. I incorporate natural products like castor oil or coconut oil to moisturise my face and body, and will use honey and yogurt as a facemask. And ladies and gentlemen I have gone to the extent of making my own rose water and body scrub at home.

If you want something to help you come up with a skincare menu, then have a read of this post by Faith Xue that I came across. It simplifies and gives you a guide on what sort of products you should be using and when. But again you don’t need to use or follow everything it says. And don’t listen to everyone giving advice about your skin. Men this include you too, I know a lot of you think that it is a feminine ‘thing’ to do and you can get away with it. But nope you have a certain skin type, you have pores, you may be growing a beard or you too may suffer from breakouts. But the best way to maintain your skin is to have a simple regime. Even simple steps like washing your face with certain facial soaps or even using facemasks.

On that note lovelies I am going to end this here and have a look at the bipolar moods the British weather is having. But nonetheless drink plenty of water and wash out those nasty toxins, love your skin and give it some food.

Let me know what you use for your routine and I shall speak to you all again next week with hopefully another exciting post. Ciao.


Lots of love

Pri XO


Quote of the week: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” – Coco Chanel



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